Cohesive Edge is a full-service digital marketing agency helping entrepreneurs establish and elevate their business through cohesive marketing strategy, branding and website design.



We are proud to be a full-service agency dedicated to small businesses. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed at turning their small businesses into established brands. We aim to be the agency entrepreneurs turn to for all of their digital marketing needs. We believe a cohesive approach to branding, website design and digital marketing gives you the edge needed to scale. The easiest way to achieve cohesion, is to have it all done in one place. We are here to creatively empower you every step of the way. 

Every business is as unique as the people behind it. We take the time to get to know you well, almost as if we become a part of your team. We take the guesswork out for you by mapping out all of the elements needed for your branding and digital marketing strategy. We then get to work by carrying out every element of it with careful attention to detail. We meet you where you are at in your business journey. Whether you want us to do it all for you or just parts of it, we are here to help you see your vision through.

Let's work together

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I know that having one place you can easily come to for all of your marketing needs is ideal. Too often small business owners end up having to go to multiple different places to fulfill their marketing vision. They end up with all of the marketing pieces but none of them fitting together how they imagined and they don't feel like their brand truly represents their business accurately. It lacks cohesion.

It shouldn't be so hard to market your small business. My mission is to creatively empower entrepreneurs like you and make digital marketing EASY so that you can spend less time looking for clients and more time prioritizing the work that you love. 

I officially started Cohesive Edge in 2021 after years of leading digital marketing efforts in a tech corporate environment. I wanted to take those same strategies used for big business marketing and use them to help small businesses grow. I have had the privilege of working with some truly inspiring clients in a variety of industries. Every business is so unique and presents its own challenges with marketing but that's what keeps me excited to show up every day for my clients and help them gain a competitive edge. 


Hey there, I'm Nicole!